I'm a 16 year old fashion blogger from Canterbury but currently living in Belfast. I juggle running this blog alongside my school studies with dreams of becoming a fashion journalist, however my parents prefer the safer option of becoming a lawyer.

I started Olivia Likes Fashion in April 2011 after my mum suggested it might be fun to start a blog, and I haven't looked back since. These past 2 years blogging have been great and has broadened my knowledge of fashion, social media and blogs. I'd like to say my blog has developed since it's humble start 2 years ago, but I know I have a long way to go to find my "niche" in the blogosphere and gain a larger following.

In the future, I hope to maybe meet some of my favourite bloggers, along with maybe being opened to new opportunities. I'd also like to widen people's opinions to blogs, somehow everyone thinks its nerdy to write a blog? Obviously they know nothing!


  1. I'm sure you'll make it at being a fashion writing ! Just keep writing , from what I've read so far your blog is really good ! From the way you've written I thought you were much older than 14 :) xx

  2. Do you get paid for having all the advertisements down the side of your blog? Btw I love your fashion posts :) x

    1. Yes but not much. Only when people click on the links and buy stuff then I get commission, but hardly anyone clicks the links so I've made absolutely no money whatsoever :( x


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