Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Following on from my previous series of Nintendo reviews, when I was offered the chance to review the new game Tomodachi Life, I couldn't say no. It's described as a reality TV show in the form of a game, and that's exactly what it is! You can create Miis to live on your island, and they can get up to all sorts of things!

Your islanders will live in an apartment block like this, and you can know when your Mii wants you to interact with them when there are icons like these showing up at their windows. It can be anything from them being hungry or asking your advice on a new friendship/relationship.

Your home screens will look something like this, you can see the game is played in real time and is just like a real-life reality TV show! As you create new Miis, new shops and attractions will become available, opening up new opportunities for your characters such as part time jobs and chilling at the beach.

Your characters will look like this, they'll show their likes and dislikes at the top screen along with their hunger and best friends. I had no idea who to make into Miis so I decided a Mii based on Ryan Reynolds would be a good idea (anyone who's seen The Proposal can't help but fall in love with him). 

You can buy your Miis hats and clothes which they will either like or dislike. That strawberry hat is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

When something new happens on your island, a newsflash will pop up featuring some of your own Miis as TV hosts!

One of the funniest things I've discovered you can do is draw on Miis' faces while they're sleeping! Too bad it all rubs off once you click the back button!

When you leave your Miis to their own devices, they'll end up doing all sorts of things such as playing with pets and/or the handy Wii U that you can give to them as a gift (its not a Nintendo game for nothing!).

Despite having work and exams, this has been a great game to play when you just want a bit of down time, and I'll definitely take it with me to keep me entertained on the plane to Florida. Keep your eyes peeled for further Tomodachi Life reviews!


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