Thursday, 6 March 2014

Florida Clothes Haul

America is the place to shop, and I definitely shopped til I dropped! Admittedly I probably bought more makeup than clothes while I was out there as I didn't get chance to go to a Forever 21 or anything like that. However I did get some amazing bargains! Factor in the exchange rate and it just gets even better! Hope you enjoy this little haul, a makeup haul post will be posted soon!

 Nike Roshe Run - Footlocker

This was definitely by far my favourite purchase of the whole trip. I've been eyeing the Nike Roshes for ages and thought I'd bite the bullet and finally buy some in Florida. They were only $70 in America instead of £70 so it worked out at around £45! I originally wanted a black pair however my dad managed to convince me to get this dark blue colour (the photo makes it look black but I promise they're not!) They were such a good bargain I even got my friend Bekah a pink pair! I've only worn them a few times but they're the comfiest shoes I've ever owned. I'm going to wear these everyday for the rest of my life, no exaggeration.

 SO Red Velvet Flats - Kohl's

I was shopping in Kohl's when I came across these shoes for only $8, thats literally like £5! I definitely couldn't let type of bargain slip away. On top of that I had a $10 off coupon and 30% off! 

 Champion Workout Shorts - Bealls

I was flicking through the sales racks in Bealls when I came across these workout shorts and thought they'd be cute for doing some exercise (if I ever do...) and they were only about $10 so a total bargain!

 Hang Ten T-Shirt - Kohl's

I picked up this top from the clearance rails in Kohl's for only about $9 plus the discounts I mentioned above. Bargain!

 Pink Vest Top - Hollister

Hollister in America is so unbelievably cheap, completely different to how much it is in the UK! I was looking through the store and they had a 60% off clearance event so I ended up getting this top for $4! No way would you find a top in Hollister that cheap over here!

 Whatever Top - Ross

I saw this top while searching through Ross and thought it was so sassy, totally me!

 Embellished Jumper - Hollister

This was another bargain I picked up in Hollister for only $15. Jumpers are a staple in my wardrobe and I love to wear them with jeans and trainers for a simple everyday look. This is definitely a great pick to add to my wardrobe!

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Case - T K Maxx

The thing I love about T J Maxx is that you can find Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs etc dotted around the place at affordable prices. No way would you find a MK watch in your local T K Maxx! This iPad case was only $30! I was going to get a pink case for my MacBook but they didn't have a size that would fit mine.