Sunday, 26 January 2014


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To be quite honest, Boohoo is a brand that I've often overlooked and not taken much of an interest in. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe due to some people saying the quality wasn't the best and how I like to try things on first before buying. However my friend Ciara was showing me some things she liked from the website and I was shocked about how good it was! I'm surprised I'd managed to ignore Boohoo for so long and I am deeply sorry. Their clothes are super affordable and totally on trend for the upcoming spring/summer season! Here is a collection of my favourites from the New In section of their website. There is a recurring theme of light, easy-to-wear pieces here in the form of tops, shorts and kimonos. I really love the types of shorts pictured above but I'm really unsure if they would suit me, however they're in here! There's also a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes dupes which every store has seemed to catch onto, however I still don't own a pair! 


  1. Cute list !

  2. Nice combin! Thanks for sharing.


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