Friday, 11 October 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

From left to right - Pink Punch, Hydrate Me and Peach Kiss

I've been obsessed with Baby Lips for a while now, I think most of the appeal was because we couldn't get them in the UK for so long! When I was in Florida in February I got the Hydrate Me Baby Lips and fell in love with how hydrating it is for your lips! You can tell I got it in America because the packaging is different (I much prefer the new packaging). 

Once I heard Baby Lips were coming to the UK, its fair to say I was super super excited to be able to buy them all over here! They've definitely been hyped up over Instagram, and I can honestly say the live up to expectations! 

First up is Pink Punch. This is a bright pink tinted balm, which I find is a bit too bright for everyday wear but I still like to wear it on odd days. I'd probably say this is the Baby Lips I use the least, just because of the colour being too bright.

Secondly is my old trusty Hydrate Me (think it's called Quenched in the States). I find this the most hydrating and it actually feels like it's doing something good for your lips. This one isn't tinted so is perfect for everyday use, especially at school. Also this one has SPF in, which I don't think any of the others have, which is good for protecting your lips from those harmful rays (not that we get that much sun here). 

Last but not least is Peach Kiss. This might not look too appealing in the tube (I certainly had second thoughts before buying it), but it's actually a gorgeous colour! I love this one as it leaves a lovely peachy sheen to your lips, kind of like "your lips but better" as all the Youtubers say! It's not too bright like Pink Punch so you can get away with this for a natural makeup look or even to school as I do sometimes!

I think Baby Lips are definitely worth the hype and if you're on the fence about following the crowd, go for it! They're great!


  1. They look so cute !

  2. I'm loving the colours! Very nice!


  3. i love these products - i have the pink x

  4. Hello dear,
    I really like your blog, those lipstick sound really nice



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