Monday, 16 September 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review Part 1

As you may know from my previous post about the Nintendo 3DS XL I'm being loaned by Nintendo right now, I'm reviewing the new Animal Crossing game New Leaf. Firstly I must warn you that it is extremely addictive! I love playing this game so much, so I'll give you an insight in the general day-to-day playing of the game!

So here's my little character outside Peanut's house! You can customise your characters clothes and buy accessories as well!

Here's my character trying on a bunny hat at the Able Sisters shop on Main Street. They have different clothes and accessories everyday so make sure to visit often! Also, you can design your own dress, hats and umbrellas and display them in store! 

As Mayor of your town, you get to take part in Public Works Projects to build things in your town! You have to save up bells (the currency in the game) to fund the build, then it'll take a day to complete. Once complete, Isabelle (your assistant who works in the Town Hall) will organise a big opening ceremony!

You can go and visit all your neighbours house's in your town. This was when Jacques moved in. You'll frequently have new characters move to your town, and sadly some move away too!

You can be blighted with rainy weather even in the virtual world, so obviously you need a umbrella to keep you dry, this one I designed myself!

You can socialise with all your neighbours while walking round your town. Isn't Peanut the cutest little pink person ever?

Speaking of earning bells for your town and public works projects, the best way to earn money is to sell fruits and fossils you've dug up at the Re-Tail shop by the train station. 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

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