Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nintendo 3DS XL Console Review

Nintendo 3DS XL Console*

I might have been off the blogger radar for almost a month (thank moving and no wifi!), but now I'm back with something super super exciting! I was loaned this beautiful bit of technology by Nintendo to review the games Animal Crossing: New Leaf and New Style Boutique, so this will be the first in a series of my techy-lifestyle posts that will unlock the inner child in you!

Firstly, I'd kind of overlooked Nintendo in the last few years. I owned a DS in the past but didn't really use it much, then I got a Wii console which I hardly get the time to use. However I'd seen the new 3DS XL console and after reading Michelle's posts about her console, I wanted a piece of the action! When Lucy from Nintendo's PR company emailed me asking if I would review some games for her, I jumped at the chance! I feel really bad for having this console for almost a month without posting (again blame moving house and having no wifi), but I feel now I'm definitely well informed on the ins and outs of the console and I think this console review will be great to ease you guys into the upcoming series of game reviews coming up!

Where do I start? I'll start with it's appearance. It's a trendy piece of kit with its shiny silver surface along with black plastic on the inside. It's thin and lightweight meaning it's easy to carry around in your handbag if you have a long commute to work/school ahead of you. Also, battery life isn't a problem as I've found it'll last for hours, and it charges up in no time!

There are a multitude of easy to use controls, from the iconic 'Y', 'X', 'A' and 'B' buttons to the Circle Pad and + Control Pad. There are also some more advanced controls like a motion sensor and gyro sensor (meaning you can tilt and move the console, kind of like with a Wii controller). However, it wouldn't be a DS without the iconic Stylus which can be used on the bottom touch screen.

Also I must address the issue of it being in 3D. It always baffled me how it can be 3D but you don't need to wear glasses! The 3D Depth Slider on the right hand side changes the top screen from 2D to 3D, and you can adjust how '3D' the screen appears by only pushing it a quarter of the way or halfway.

I must say this is an impressive bit of kit and I wish I could keep it and call it my own, but its only on loan *cries*. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and will look forward to the game reviews to follow!

Olivia x

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  1. I had one of the old DS's when I was younger, and seriously loved it. Especially the Animal crossing game. Looking forward to your reviews


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