Saturday, 13 July 2013

What's the Craic?

Dress - Motel Rocks // Belt - Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Topshop

Long time no speak! I seem to have been starting all my posts like this recently... I've just been lacking the motivation to blog! I've also been all over the place, going to Ireland and England. By the title, you can tell this particular photo was taken in Ireland!

Last week I was in Co. Clare, Ireland visiting some long lost relatives that we hadn't seen in 15 years (so when I was a baby). The view was amazing, and the pictures look like it was cold but it really wasn't! At the moment, it's the hottest place in the British Isles! Gutted I'm not still there! The fam treated us by taking us out to meals at The Atlantic Hotel and it was delicious! It was such a great trip, just wish it wasn't a 4 hour car journey down there from Belfast!

This isn't really a new outfit, more like a modified one. I took my beloved Motel Rocks dress and trusty Topshop Vectras. However I added my Urban Outfitters belt to make it more interesting/tough.

Also in other news, I applied for a Christmas temp weekend job! I completed the online assessment they make you do, and I got an email saying they've sent my application to the interviewer! I really really hope I get the job, surrounded by makeup all day? Heaven!


  1. Cute look ! :)

  2. lovely look! i hope you get the job - i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xxx

  3. beautiful outfit <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  4. That is the cutest stripy outfit, Olivia. I love stripes, will never go out of fashion! x

  5. Lovely outfit <3 -- I love stripy clothes!

    -Lady N.

  6. Look perfect, adorable.
    I am delighted with your blog, I visit whenever
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