Monday, 17 June 2013

Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion

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Hi guys! Long time no speak! I had some outfit posts planned but life has gotten the better of me, also I went for a weekend away back to my hometown of Kent to celebrate my mum's birthday so I've been without my laptop for a few days, and blogging on my phone just isn't the same! Also, Blogger was being funny with the aligning and all my text had a huge indent and I couldn't work out how to correct it so I'm using centred font for once!

I was sent an email notifying me of this competition on the Charles Clinkard website to put together an outfit you'd wear at a festival, featuring some Hunter wellies. What do you think the winner gets? You guessed it, a pair of Hunter wellies! This was actually a really exciting outfit to put together as I'm going to my first ever festival in August! Me and my friend Bekah are going to Tennent's Vital in Belfast where we're going to be seeing Avicii, Tinie Tempah, Rudimental and Tommy Trash. Regrettably, I've never heard of the latter but Tinie Tempah is my man so it'll be all good! 

When I went about putting together this outfit, I always had in mind the whole skater skirt, parka jacket with bare legs and wellies look. So here you have a slightly modified version of my vision! 

I love the polka dot dress from Yayer (you need to refrain me from going on their website because I'll just buy everything if I could!). I thought it'd be a great flowy dress and not too dressy for a festival! Although this wouldn't go with a parka (but I did see this amazing parka from Topshop here that I'm lusting after), so I ended up opting for plan B which was a denim jacket. I've always loved the whole oversized denim jacket look but I'm still yet to own one! This one is great and perfect for that festival vibe! Lastly, I was scrolling through the Glamorous website and for some reason this tote bag caught my eye and I could just picture on the arm of someone in a muddy field in the sunshine. Oh, and then the Hunter wellies of course!

Hope you liked the outfit, and if you would like to enter the competition, here's the link!

Olivia x


  1. the dress is so pretty, great post in general <3

  2. That dress is so cute, this would be a perfect look! I love it!

  3. Very adorable look. I'm jealous you are seeing avicii and rudiemantal, two of my faves!


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