Friday, 10 May 2013

Moschino Wannabe

Top - Topshop // Skirt - Topshop // Belt - Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Shoes - Topshop

It's been a stressful few days, and I have even worse weeks coming up. Controlled assessments, modules and end of year exams will be the death of me. So I had an RE mock today in preparation for my exam in June and it's safe to say I'm screwed. But out of all the questions, I had so much to say about the Prophet Muhammad? Don't know how I managed to learn that and not anything else!

So I just threw this on, but I think my new belt really makes the outfit. It was such a great bargain at only a £5 and it's just like the Moschino belt just it doesn't say Moschino... and it's from Urban Outfitters... Close enough though right? 

Also, just wondering what you guys think of the different background? I've been wanting to venture outside for my outfit photos and I finally took the big step today. Hopefully there'll be more of these outdoorsy photos, maybe with some more inspiring locations!

Olivia x


  1. amazing outfit! especially love your shoes <3

  2. I love your belt and skirt! Oh and you're garden is so pretty x

  3. I love outdoor outfit posts! Especially with greenery in the background.

    Your outfit looks fab! The belt is a belter, haha! I know, lame!

    Hope you do well in your exams lovey. My sisters going through exams at the moment and she's in her final year, she falls ill everytime she exams coming up!



  4. Looking so cute !

  5. Hey :) i've nominated you for a liesbter award!
    your questions and info -


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