Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cat Lady In Training

Dress - Choies* // Shoes - Topshop

Long time no speak, but look look! I'VE GOT A NEW CAMERA YAY! It's a Nikon D3100 and I can't wait to be more adventurous with my outfit photos and maybe change up the scenery a bit! I'm super happy but a bit annoyed because I bought it yesterday for £315 from Argos and today it's gone down to £285 and Argos are giving £10 giftcards to people who spend over £100 grrr. If only I waited another day!

So anyway, I received this cat dress from Choies a while ago and I thought I'd better photograph it sooner rather than later! I had my eye on a similar dress like this from Topshop a while back and saw this on the Choies website and I knew I needed it. With the blogger store credit, I ended up getting this for only £5, much better than £30 for the Topshop version. Plus I'm pretty sure this could be exactly the same as they're both made in China so maybe it's the same dress just with a different label? Either way, it's a win win situation!

Olivia x


  1. Love this dress!!!!


  2. So so so cute! I love that!

  3. That dress is so gorgeous ! You look so pretty !


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