Saturday, 13 April 2013

April Wishlist

April Wishlist

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It seems like absolutely ages since I did my last wishlist post, but oh boy there is so much I want as the new season approaches. There's so many trends I want to jump on to but lack of money is letting me down so I'm left admiring from afar. 

Firstly is this crop top with mesh sleeves from Topshop. I've seen it styled so many ways, for example over a black skater dress or just with high waisted jeans and I just love it! 

Number 2 is another crop top from Topshop, however it's a sheer blouse in a summery coral colour which I love! 

The last row are all from Yayer a.k.a my favourite online store. I just love every single piece of clothing. I've been in love with number 3 for a while now, but I can't bring myself to part with £80. There must be a cheap version somewhere? 

Number 4 is a simple tie dye top which is perfect for summer paired with some vintage Levi's. 

I've been meaning to jump on the pinafore bandwagon and I think number 5 would be perfect! It's exactly the right shade of denim and would go with so many things!

Lastly, number 6 is a sort of pinafore which I like a lot. It'd be perfect with so many things like number 5

So there you have my April favourites, there's obviously more but I could go on forever so I restricted myself to these 6 items. Hopefully I'll end up buying a few!


  1. I love and want everything :)

  2. pretty picks

  3. Ooh I really like that first top!

  4. The cropped blouse is such a gorgeous colour!
    Sarah xx

  5. oh i love that last one!


  6. Lovely list ♥


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