Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Me Likey Peplums

Top - Kohls
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop

Please excuse my dodgy eyes in this photo, I look scarily awake even though I took this photo at like 5pm.. My eyes either look half asleep or wide awake THERE'S NO INBETWEEN AHH. OK rant over about my dodgy facial expressions!

I got this gorgeous grey and black striped peplum top (you can't really see the stripes in this rubbish photo, my camera has a broken sensor so the photos are poop and I'm planning on convincing my mum and dad to buy me a Nikon D3100 hehe) in Kohls when I was in Florida a few weeks ago. I normally never look in the sales because the non-sale items just look so much more appealing but the sales are so good in America that you can't really say no! So I was looking in Kohls and I found this gorge peplum, and it was only about $10 (£6!) so I just had to get it. You CANNOT have too many peplums, no seriously I bought like 6 while I was out there... if they go out of fashion I'll cry. Also you might see that I'm wearing my vectras AGAIN! You can probably see that the sole is coming off on one side but I refuse to stop wearing them because they're the comfiest pair of shoes I own! Might have to invest in a new pair but Topshop have changed the style and they're not as nice as before *cries* 


You can get 10% off at Kohls using the promo code BLOGS10 from March 10th through May 10th.

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  1. I love this outfit and I ADORE peplum tops! Great post :)

    I also have a beauty blog so if you'd like to take a look that would be absolutely fabulous!!!
    lillyraebeauty.blogspot.com :)


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