Saturday, 15 December 2012

Shine bright like a diamond

Top - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop

I bought this top on a whim back in the summer and I've never worn it until now. I just didn't know what to wear with it, and I'm a bit self-conscious of the massive arm holes on it, but I thought I'd piece it together with my Topshop skirt. Obviously, I had to wear my Vectras! 

I'm really sorry for the lack of good outfit posts. You may have heard this time and time again but I literally have no clothes! Plus, with about £4 in my bank account, I can't afford to buy anything! I'm hoping to get money for Christmas so hopefully I can please you guys with some new clothes in the near future!


  1. you look adorbale! :)

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