Sunday, 11 November 2012

Burgundy Vans

Jumper - Forever 21
Biker Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - River Island
Jeans - Levi's @ Kohl's (America)
Shoes - Vans @ Schuh

I'm wearing my signature outfit, I wear this all the time! I guess it's kind of a go-to outfit because I never know what to wear and this is good to throw on! It's not that fashionable but I kinda like it! I should really try and be more adventurous! I'm wearing my new biker jacket which I'm in love with! I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't keep me warm at all which gives me an excuse to buy this parka jacket! Plus I'm super happy because my dad bought me these burgundy vans on Thursday! It was weird because I'm a size 6 and the size 5 fit me better? Has anyone else realised that? But anyway I love them and they're so comfy! I'm thinking about getting some Topshop frilly socks to go with them!

What do you think of my outfit?


  1. Lovely vans! I want some!


    1. Thanks! You should, they're so comfy! x

  2. Love your shoes :)

  3. Cute outfit, the shoes are great! x

  4. I'm obsessed with this colour at the moment! its gorgeous :) great vans :)


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