Saturday, 6 October 2012

Winter's Coming

Denim Jacket : Miss Sixty - Vintage
Jumper : Forever 21 - Last year
Skirt : Topshop - £16

The winter months are approaching and that means getting out your jumpers and start layering! I wore this outfit to go into town with my friends Katie and Lauren. 

I bought these earrings yesterday in town with Katie, Jess and Niamh. They were such a bargain for £1.50!

We got some frappuccinos in Starbucks. Mine was the caramel light frappuccino with extra caramel syrup (my usual) on the left, Jess had the caramel cream frappuccino in the middle and Katie got the double blended strawberries and cream frappuccino on the right. This was my 3rd Starbucks this week! #addict

We were tie-dying at youth club last night! It was really fun but I might have accidentally tie-dyed the back of it...  

Me, Katie and Lauren got these amazing cupcakes in town today in Johnnie Cupcakes! Katie had the 'Black and White' cupcake on the left, I had the Raspberry Ripple cupcake in the middle and Lauren had the double chocolate cupcake on the right! 

Also we went to the newly refurbished Jack Wills in town which magically got a second floor! The stairway is so pretty, I wish my house looked like it!


  1. you're blog is awesome!
    It is cool that you are from ireland! I am irish, even got that tattoo to prove it haha
    I just started following your blog & its wonderful.
    Follow back please & thank you :)


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