Thursday, 18 October 2012

Weekly Wishlist #2

Weekly Wishlist #2

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1. The glitter in this nail varnish is so nice and I've wanted it for ages! I was in Topshop and I was going to paint it on my nail to see what it was like and some worker guy shouted at me for nearly opening it.. awkward!

2. This might just be a simple top but I really like the dip dye effect of it and it'd look so nice with jeans and vans!

3. I NEED SOME ACID WASH JEANS! I've been admiring them from afar for weeks, anyone fancy buying them for me?

4. Even though it's not exactly shorts weather, I'm really attracted by these shorts. They'd probably look terrible on me but I really want them!

5. It's the JW Anderson jumper everyone is talking about! I really like it but can't see myself paying nearly £70 for a jumper (mainly because I don't have £70)

By the way, you can get 20% off at Motel Rocks by entering thatsmystyle at the checkout!


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