Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tie Dye Queen

T-Shirt : DIY
Shorts : Topshop 
Backpack : Accessorize

Last week at youth club, we were tie-dying! This was my first time tie-dying since I was at Brownies aged 7 but I think it's a pretty good second attempt! I was sorting through my junk and I found an unopened tie-dye kit from years ago (can't believe I was so trendy when I was 7!) so I might give it another go so watch this space!
These are my favourite shorts from Topshop that I bought at my birthday party when me and a couple of friends got the train up to Westfield Stratford and went shopping and got Nando's! It was such a good day, I should really do the same next year!
Also, this is actually my school bag! I got it while I was waiting for the plane to Belfast in Gatwick departure lounge and I stumbled upon it's amazingness in the little Accessorize there and no way could I say no, especially as it was tax-free!


  1. Love your tiedye! Colours are gorgeous!
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  2. what that looks awesome!


  3. You have an amazing style! Love your blog, I'm following for sure! Check out mine if you want :)
    Elyse xo


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