Sunday, 7 October 2012

Summer Daze

Jumper : Forever 21
Jeans : Topshop
Earrings : River Island
Shoes : Topshop

Today, me and my mum went for a walk around the uni campus behind my house and along the seaside which was lovely. It was nice and sunny so I thought I'd wear something bright aka my bargain Topshop jeans! I was tempted to buy them for £20 in the sale BUT I waited a few weeks and found a pair for £7! I'm also wearing my trusty Vectras, I swear I wear them 24/7!

I sat by the beach in the sun which was so nice! Never knew Northern Ireland could be so pretty!

I saw loads of people getting this on Instagram so I thought I'd try it.. and it was pretty disgusting to be honest :(


  1. Hi, i've just started reading your blog! Its fabulous!Love the headband in this one. I was wondering if we could perhaps follow eachother?
    I would really appreciate it :)


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