Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Ever-Growing Nail Varnish Collection

I used to never bother with nail varnish because I was absolutely useless at putting it on. It would go everywhere so I'd end up taking it straight back off again. But now, I reckon I'm getting better at applying my nail varnish so I've got into a weekly habit of putting on nail varnish during the weekends (I don't see the point why we're not allowed to wear nail varnish to school, it's not going to affect our education is it?!).

Here's my Models Own Collection. I adore Models Own and I love everything about them: the packaging, the colours and the quality. They all go on extremely well and definitely worth a fiver each! Also, I really want to visit their bottle shop in Westfield London because it looks so cool!

Here's my collection of trusty crackle nail varnishes. I love the effects of them, but I really can't do them. I find the polish doesn't go on very easily so I have to use huge amounts on each nail and it ruins the colour underneath. Also when I'm impatient and don't let the colour underneath dry properly, it pulls the undercoat apart which is really annoying. So because of these reasons, I haven't used these in a while.. But I'd love to try Barry M's new nail effects like the foil, croc and magnetic varnishes.

All of these nail varnishes were free gifts. I got the two Barry M nail varnishes free when I subscribed to Sugar Magazine (oh how I miss Sugar Magazine!), and I got the two Max Factor nail varnishes as a free gift in Boots for spending over £15. They are such nice autumnal colours! 
The Max Factor nail varnishes, although they're tiny, are really good, even though it's a bit of a task painting with the teeny brush. The colours  are so nice and bright, definitely one of my favourites!

I got the Maybelline nail varnish on a random market stall on a brief visit to Southampton a few years ago. It's a lovely colour and goes on very nicely. I think I only paid about 50p for it so it was definitely a bargain!
I got the Ciaté nail varnish free in Marie Claire about a year ago. I've only used it to paint my mum's nails and I hated the long thin brush. It could just be me but I found it really difficult to use, even though the colour is really nice.
Lastly, my mum bought this Rimmel London nail varnish because she really wanted some yellow nail varnish. It's so bad! I attempted to paint my nails with it and after 6 coats, it still wasn't a proper solid colour! Me and my mum were so disappointed with it!

So there you go, a little look at my small but growing nail varnish collection!


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