Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kat Maconie at Dune.

Sorry I haven't posted much recently, I've been caught up in school work and I've grown scarily fond of Instagram (follow me @oliviaburn I've just reached 100 followers woohoo!) so I haven't really found the time to blog. Anyway, I just received an email from the people from Dune telling me about their new collaboration with Kat Maconie! I love Kat Maconie's shoes, I've seen them in this cute little boutique near me, too bad they're a bit out of my price range!

The new collection was designed while Kat was in Miami, so it's a very fun collection, perfect for summer! The collection has a quite dominant art deco influence with lots of gold pyramid studs and pleated fan detailing. It's also a very bright collection with lots of bright fuschias and taupes with contrasting jet black offsets and gold metal work. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Here's some sneak peaks of the new collection coming out in mid-April:

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