Monday, 6 February 2012

How to wear 2012's hottest colour - guest post.

If the barely there pastel shades of spring aren’t quite finding their place within your style, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s no hiding in this year’s hottest colour trend: Tangerine is the shade to be seen in and definitely a colour to wear loud and proud. Already seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam, orange is making its way to fashion forward outfits everywhere.  However, you don’t have to channel your inner Club Tropicana to make it work. Here are a few ways to fit the colour into your wardrobe every day:


The easiest way to wear this trend is to experiment with accessories. Easy to add to your existing wardrobe, it’s a great way to update your look. Try mix and matching your jewellery to compliment new orange pieces; wood, gold and black go well. You can also find some great tangerine bags, shoes and hair pieces too. Go for one statement accessory or litter small pieces across your outfit.


Though it sounds scary, orange makeup suits a lot of skin tones. Darker skin looks great with a flash of orange across the eyelids while orange toned lipstick or gloss can accentuate a tan. Paler skins can work peachy orange blushers to create a warm glow.


Chic orange nails are another quick and easy way to work the tangerine trend. As with all bold colours, be sure to use a base coat before painting the colour to avoid staining your natural nail. Or why not try nail wraps? They’re stain free and keep their pristine condition for up to a week!


Top to toe tangerine should probably only be left to the most daring amongst us. Pairing the colour with darker hues such as blacks and browns tame it down a bit for every day wear. Why not try a tangerine Mac or coat, perfect for spring – or a subtle flash of the colour on socks, gloves or scarves. Cute mini dresses make a great statement without too much fabric, which could prove to be tangerine overkill.

Finding the right shade
While orange is a look that can be worn by anyone, be sure to find the shade best suited to your own colouring. Fair hair and skin can look washed out if the colour is too bright and bold, so match it up with earthy colours to keep a good balance. If you have red tones to your skin try to find lighter shades that won’t accentuate it – you want to avoid the buttercup glow effect!
Equally those with darker skin can find some shades too pale. Go for deep oranges, not necessarily the brightest, to find your perfect tangerine match.

By Lewis Johnson - Cafe La Moda


  1. I have red hair so try to avoid oranges really.. but I have some lovely orange nail polish that looks surprisingly nice on! x

    1. Orange is such a nice colour, you just have to dress it right :)

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