Monday, 9 January 2012

Temporary Secretary.

Temporary Secretary is an independent online boutique which makes and sells cute, kitsch and vintage jewellery. Their items have featured in many magazines including Look, Heat, Now, Glamour, Fabulous, Reveal, Cosmo Girl!, New!, and Mizz. There are currently over 300 products on their website sourced from all over the world! They also stock a huge collection of quirky jewellery (which I LOVE!) including miniature teacups, teapots, cupcakes, robots, ice creams, telephones, cameras, and much much more! They also stock cupcake lip balms, moustaches, stationery, and temporary tattoos! Sounds like my dream shop!

Here are some of my favourite items from their website:

(1. Fox Bag - Orange, £18. 2. Moustache Ring (Double Finger), £12.)
(3. Cross Ring (Double Finger), £10. 4. At The Movies, £7.)

(5. Owl Earrings (Black), £6.95. 6. "Love" Bracelet, £8.)

(7. Robot Earrings, £7.50. 8. Snazzy Charm Bracelet, £15.)

Visit their website at:
Like their Facebook page at:
Follow them on Twitter at: @TempSec /!/TempSec

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