Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kate Moss & Terry Richardson team up again for Mango.

Following the success of their viral video, Kate Moss and Terry Richardson have teamed up again for Spanish fashion chain, Mango.

The people at Mango were obviously more than happy with the response to their viral video last season, so they've got Kate and Terry to make another video for them.

Kate Moss, 38, appeared at Mango's flagship store in London's Oxford Street as the new face of their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. She appeared in her signature look consisting of skinny jeans, a blazer and ankle boots.

(Image from I'm Not Obsessed!)

No images from the actual campaign have been released yet, but Mango have left us with this campaign video which has also been directed by Terry 'bad boy' Richardson.

The video sees the terrible twosome robbing a branch of Mango and escaping in a white transit van. I think this is a really clever little video, and a great sneak peak into the new collection!

P.S. I found out last night that sadly I didn't get shortlisted for the Marie Claire Award, despite all my spamming and begging.. But I was up against some really tough competition, especially from my favourite blog daisybutter. But there's always next time, right? And maybe if I develop my blog a bit more, I could be in with a chance next time. Is there any suggestions about things you would like me to include in my blog? Anything that would make it better? I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Just being involved with the whole Marie Claire thing was an amazing achievement, so well done you! Your blog is doing so well especially when you take into consideration how fairly new it is! So keep doing what you're doing already, I never see the stuff you post on any other blog, which is why your's is really unique.

    And as for the Terry/Kate collab? Amazeee.


    1. Yeah, I seriously couldn't even believe how a blog like mine with about 50 followers was up against blogs with a couple of thousand followers! And thank you so much, I love your blog as well!

      And yes, anything including Kate Moss is amazing :)


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