Thursday, 22 December 2011


Storets is an online shop selling fun and fashionable clothing. Their clothes have been seen on Lookbook (my favourite website besides this blog and Facebook) too. Looking through their items, you can see that a majority of their items include glitter and animal prints, I LIKEY!

Here's some of my favourite items from their website:


(1. Leopard Faux Fur Blazer [as seen on Frida from Lookbook], $94. 2. Crochet Lapel Velvet Dress, $62. 3. Puffed Bling Glitter Skirt, $49)

(4. Spotted Leopard Faux Fur Coat, $89. 5. Sequinned Skirt All-In-One Leggings, $48. 6. Glam Sequinned Cropped Jacket, $75.)

(7. Ruched Lace Bodycon Dress, $65. 8. Contrast Collar Lace Shift Dress, $76. 9. Multicolour Ostrich Coat, $158.)

Visit Storets' website at:
Follow them on Twitter at: @Storets /!/storets


  1. aww thanks for this I have always gone through lookbook and wondered where evryone got all of the animal print and glittery stuff :) I love the leopard coat it is gorgeous :) some great pictures here :) thanks for the info too xxx


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