Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions and Ever Ours.

I've seen many people posting blog posts about their best bits of 2011 but to be honest, this year has been pretty rubbish for me so there wouldn't be much for me to write about.. So I'm going to tell you guys my new year's resolutions for 2012!

So, here are my resolutions:

  1. Lose some weight and get fitter. I want to lose some weight so I can start posting some outfit posts on here for you guys :)
  2. Start up my jewellery business. I really hope it's a success!
  3. Make my blog more popular. I'd love for more people to have the opportunity to read it!
  4. Sleep more! I seriously need to get more sleep! Some school nights I only get about 4 or 5 hours sleep and I'm always grumpy in the mornings..
  5. Buy some more clothes. I really need to develop my wardrobe a bit more as all I own are basically hoodies, jeans and t-shirts..
So, now to something fashion related! Ever Ours was founded in September 2011 by 21 year old Kim Melotte. They sell everything from jumpers, dresses and jewellery to homewares. They're a small up-and-coming business who I think 2012 will be their year to become big!

Here are some of my favourite items from their website: 

(1. Leopard Print Messenger Bag, £22. 2. Triple Triangle Ring, £5.)

(3. Pleated Dress, £15. 4. Deer Knitted Jumper, £16.)

(5. Lapel Chiffon Dress, £17. 6. Quilted Jacket, £23.)

(7. Soft Knitted Jumper, £15. 8. Black Moustache Double Ring, £5.)

Visit their website at:
Follow them on Twitter: @KimMelotte /!/KimMelotte


  1. Oo, I love the knitted deer jumper.
    Good luck with your new years resolutions! I'm not sure what mine are just yet, but I definitely think it will include to work harder at my blog, especially the outfit posts.
    Happy new year!

  2. i love your website :) for your growing jewerlly buisness i think you should buy beads and make jewerlly and actually sell it! im sure it would look great cos you have good taste in clothes :)

  3. Thanks, you too Ciara! And thanks Elisabeth :)

  4. Good luck with all your resolutions! Have a great new year xx

  5. Great resolutions:) I love that lapel Chiffon dress!

  6. That's so funny, we have almost identical NYEs resolutions (except for the jewelry business thing- I'm insanely untalented at making things)!

    Love the blog:)



  7. Hehe, we could be twins! And thank you! :)

  8. That bag is so cute! Happy New Year! xx

  9. Good luck with your resolutions.
    Ever Ours has some lovely items x

  10. Thanks! And I know right, so glad I came across it! :)

  11. Kinda in love with the knitted deer jumper! x

  12. I love the jumper and i've only just found your blog, i'm kind of new to the fashion blog thing but yours is amazing :)

  13. I love it too! And aww thanks! :D


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