Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fashion Pony.

Victoria from Fashion Pony sent me a lovely email today asking me to take a look at her online fashion website so I had a look and I loved it so I thought I'd write about it here!

Fashion Pony is a fairly new online fashion boutique which specialises in offering fashion from new and emerging designers and a range of independent labels. They search nationwide and attend fashion shows to find items for their shop. They also sell uni graduates' pieces who they think will be the 'next big thing' in fashion design. Most of their pieces are made in small batches so you don't have the nightmare of attending a party and seeing someone else in the same dress! Despite being individually made and not mass-manufactured, all their independent designer pieces are affordable! So you can get a limited edition, designer piece for the same price as a high end high street piece!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from their website:

(1. Jarlo Josephine Maxi Dress, £70. 2. Reverse Belted Peplum Dress, £42.)

(3. Reverse Leather Bust Pleated Maxi Dress, £45. 4. Reverse Leopard Print Maxi Skirt, £42.)

(5. Hedonia Zena Dress - Fur, £70. 6. Melina Dress from Klue by Kelly-Ann, £100.)

(7. Re-Styled Vintage Red Dress By Independent Designer Ringlit, WAS £60  NOW £30. 8. Miss Patina Sheer Sleeve Stripe Dress, £48.)

Visit their website:


  1. That first dress is beautiful!

  2. great post!!!...I like the dresses!
    I follow you!
    …All in Style…!

  3. I really like the concept of this website, it's good to see something a bit different to the usual gear. And any company that supports young designers is fab! I really like the Josephine dress ;) xx

  4. I love the plated maxi dress!! So pretty :)
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love the mint green Maxi dress!!

    x Julie x

  6. ooh, these look lovely! i love the Melina dress and the sleeves on the red vintage inspired one are gorgeous :)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments! And I love the Melina, and Josephine dresses and the red dress too :)


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