Sunday, 18 December 2011


Dahlia was born in 2000 by Tracey and Leigh through the love of fashion and individuality. They started selling their handmade designs at Portobello and Spitalfields Markets (personal favourites of mine), and then their quirky outlook caught the attention of fashion devotees around the world.

Dahlia embodies modern British style with a playful personality and creative styling at it's heart. Dahlia is a brand that girls want and their success is fuelled by word of mouth and many loyal fans.

Dahlia soon caught the attention of buyers from Topshop and is now stocked  there. Dahlia have also opened a boutique in Carnaby Street, London. 

Here are my favourite pieces from their website:


(1. Nancy Stripy Skirt Bustier Dress, £78. 2. Whitney Black Bustier Dress, £70. 3. Miriam Spotty Pussy Bow Dress, £64.)


(4. Adele Red Mesh Midi Dress With Tan Belt, £68. 5. Sabrina Red Flute Hem Dress, £60. 6. Tessa Tan Bow Tie Dress, £65.)

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