Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cheryl Cole's Stylist Pick shoe collection.

Cheryl Cole, former X Factor judge turns shoe designer this week as her much anticipated shoe collection goes on sale at Stylist Pick. 

You can definitely see Cheryl's glam look reflected in her collection, but she hasn't just designed heels! Cheryl said "I think people were expecting just a handful of high heels made in different ways, but that's not what I'm about. I wanted each girl to have something she could relate to, whatever she does, or however she feels. we're all different, we all do different jobs. I really feel there is something for everyone here." 

Eight styles are now available, with further additions arriving later in the new year... Here's a look at the collection:

Funky Munky, £119.85
TLC in Caramel, £79.90
TLC in Chocolate, £79.90
Your Royal Hotness, £79.90
Glam Slam, £79.90
Byker Grove, £119.85
Ri Ri, £119.85
Your Royal Hotness, £79.90
Freak Le Chic, £119.85
Hot to Trot, £79.90
Freak Le Chic, £119.85
Shop Cheryl Cole's collection at:

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