Saturday, 24 December 2011

100th Blog Post & stylestalker.

Wow, it's my 100th blog post! It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my first post! I've come a long way in these few months. Thank you to my 19 GFC followers, 3 Bloglovin followers, 12 Facebook likes and for being 38th on Style Journals!

Merry Christmas everyone! I know it's only Christmas Eve, but just in case I'm not online tomorrow. But I probably will be and I shall be bragging about what I got :)

Anyways, back to something fashion related. stylestalker is the lovechild of self-confessed fashion addicts Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic. They were drawn together by their mutual addiction to scouring magazines, trawling the web and travelling to all parts of the world to admire all things fashionable, which they call 'stylestalking'. They created a label to satisfy their 'stylestalking' and therefore stylestalker was born in August 2008.

Here are some of my favourite items from their website:

(1. Tomorrows Party Dress, $189. 2. On The Rocks Dress, $229.)

(3. Reptilla Maxi $229. 4. Ash Dress, $149.)

Make sure to visit stylestalker's website:


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