Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions and Ever Ours.

I've seen many people posting blog posts about their best bits of 2011 but to be honest, this year has been pretty rubbish for me so there wouldn't be much for me to write about.. So I'm going to tell you guys my new year's resolutions for 2012!

So, here are my resolutions:

  1. Lose some weight and get fitter. I want to lose some weight so I can start posting some outfit posts on here for you guys :)
  2. Start up my jewellery business. I really hope it's a success!
  3. Make my blog more popular. I'd love for more people to have the opportunity to read it!
  4. Sleep more! I seriously need to get more sleep! Some school nights I only get about 4 or 5 hours sleep and I'm always grumpy in the mornings..
  5. Buy some more clothes. I really need to develop my wardrobe a bit more as all I own are basically hoodies, jeans and t-shirts..
So, now to something fashion related! Ever Ours was founded in September 2011 by 21 year old Kim Melotte. They sell everything from jumpers, dresses and jewellery to homewares. They're a small up-and-coming business who I think 2012 will be their year to become big!

Here are some of my favourite items from their website: 

(1. Leopard Print Messenger Bag, £22. 2. Triple Triangle Ring, £5.)

(3. Pleated Dress, £15. 4. Deer Knitted Jumper, £16.)

(5. Lapel Chiffon Dress, £17. 6. Quilted Jacket, £23.)

(7. Soft Knitted Jumper, £15. 8. Black Moustache Double Ring, £5.)

Visit their website at:
Follow them on Twitter: @KimMelotte /!/KimMelotte

Friday, 30 December 2011

Fox House.

Fox House was established in 2010 by Tobi Salver because she wanted to create an online boutique where a woman with a distinctive style can come to, and find anything from a killer black velvet 80s dress, to a fab new colour splashed jumper. Therefore Fox House has the unique, fashion forward gal in mind!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the website:

(1. MinkPink Fancy Free Angels Dress, $98. 2. Moonlight Sonata Dress, $88.)

(3. Maya Fringe Top (Charcoal), $48. 4. Hendrix Crop Top, $32.)

(5. Tribal Mix Shorts, $40. 6. Seneca Fringe Purse (Tan), $78.)

(7. Vintage Blue Textured Blouse, $34. 8. Vintage Detailed Sequinned Sweater, $38.)

Visit their website:
Follow them on Twitter: @myfoxhouse /!/myfoxhouse

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fashion Pony.

Victoria from Fashion Pony sent me a lovely email today asking me to take a look at her online fashion website so I had a look and I loved it so I thought I'd write about it here!

Fashion Pony is a fairly new online fashion boutique which specialises in offering fashion from new and emerging designers and a range of independent labels. They search nationwide and attend fashion shows to find items for their shop. They also sell uni graduates' pieces who they think will be the 'next big thing' in fashion design. Most of their pieces are made in small batches so you don't have the nightmare of attending a party and seeing someone else in the same dress! Despite being individually made and not mass-manufactured, all their independent designer pieces are affordable! So you can get a limited edition, designer piece for the same price as a high end high street piece!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from their website:

(1. Jarlo Josephine Maxi Dress, £70. 2. Reverse Belted Peplum Dress, £42.)

(3. Reverse Leather Bust Pleated Maxi Dress, £45. 4. Reverse Leopard Print Maxi Skirt, £42.)

(5. Hedonia Zena Dress - Fur, £70. 6. Melina Dress from Klue by Kelly-Ann, £100.)

(7. Re-Styled Vintage Red Dress By Independent Designer Ringlit, WAS £60  NOW £30. 8. Miss Patina Sheer Sleeve Stripe Dress, £48.)

Visit their website:

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Chelsea Boots.

Chelsea boots (or dealer boots as they're also know as) originated in the Victorian era and has often been associated with horse riding. They were considered an element of the mod scene in the 1960's, and with mod style coming back into fashion, chelsea boots are becoming hugely popular.

Here are some of my favourite chelsea boots:

(1. ASOS ANDRE Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot, £45, ASOS. 2. H by Hudson Fairbank Flat Chelsea Boot, WAS £130 NOW £97.50.)

(3. ABE Ultimate Chelsea Boot, £65, Topshop. 4. Maccoy Black Chelsea Ankle Boots, £36, Topshop. 5. TENOR Black Elasticated Side Canvas Hi-Top Trainers, £16, Topshop.)

(6. Womens Schuh Kimono Chelsea Boot Boots, £70, Schuh. 7. Womens Schuh Cody Chelsea Boot Ankle Boot, WAS £70 NOW £44.99, Schuh.)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Eleanor Rose.

I was on my Blackberry and I saw a Facebook notification saying I had a friend request from Eleanor Rose. So I looked at their mutual friends and they had none so I was a bit freaked out and then I saw they had a website and when I got onto my laptop I realised it was actually an account for a clothes' website! So obviously I accepted and they sent me a request to like their page so I liked it. So as they went to the trouble to send me a friend request and ask me to like their Facebook page, I thought it would be rude not to write a blog post about them! Especially as the clothes they sell are really nice!

Eleanor Rose is an online clothes company that was set up in 2010 which specialises in vintage and modern clothing. They strive to sell unique and one-of-a-kind pieces! As they put it themselves "Bringing you high street fashion at affordable prices!"

Here are some of my favourite pieces from their website:

(1. Reindeer Leggings, £18. 2. Fliss Snowflake Jumper, WAS £30 NOW £18. 3. Rose Printed Jumper, WAS £32 NOW £19.20.)

(4. Black Gaga Glitter Sweater, WAS £26 NOW £15.60. 5. TOWIE 'REEM' Tee,  £13.99. 6. Black One Shoulder Dress, WAS £24 NOW £14.40.)

(7. Cream Lace Skater Dress, £26. 8. Red Lace Skater Dress, WAS £28 NOW £16.80. 9. Geometric T-Shirt, WAS £14.40 NOW £8.40.)

(10. Red Checked Shirt, WAS £14.00 NOW £8.40. 11. Rust Drape Playsuit, WAS £28 NOW £16.80. 12. Leopard Print Turband, WAS £8 NOW £4.80.)

Visit Eleanor Rose's website:
Like their Facebook page:

Motel Rocks.

Motel is causing a commotion all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Japan and most of the US, and has rapidly become the go-to brand for celebrities, fashionistas, and musicians alike. Their clothes have been seen on the likes of: Lily Allen, Duffy, Little Boots, Peaches Geldof, The Ting Tings, Alesha Dixon, The Saturdays, Marina and the Diamonds, and Alexandra Burke. Their clothes have been featured in many magazines including: Heat, WWB, Daily Star, In Style, Glamour NL, Grazia Australia, Lucky USA, You, Nylon, Vogue Italia and ID. Their clothes are also sold in Topshop too! I've always loved their clothes for a long time now!

Here's some of my favourite pieces from their website:

(1. Motel Elsa Rose Bodycon Dress in Hexagon Mesh, £42. 2. Motel Razzle Dazzle Sequin Shorts in Charcoal, £32.)

(3. Motel Elsa Rose Lace Bodycon Dress in Black, £42. 4. Motel Leona Ladder Back Dress in Leopard, £30.)

(5. Motel Razzle Dazzle Sequin Shorts in Gold, £32. 6. Motel Lana Bralette in Leopard Print, £22.)

(7. Motel Leona Ladder Back Dress in Emerald Leopard, £32. 8. Motel Gwen Sweetheart Strap Dress in Hyacinth, £42.)

(9. Motel Rebecca Bodycon Dress in Black, £32. 10. Motel Jet Plunge Neck Playsuit in Black, £48.)

Visit Motel's website at:
'Like' Motel's Facebook page at:
Follow Motel on Twitter at: @MotelRocks /!/motelrocks