Saturday, 24 September 2011

Get The Look: Urban Outfitters

I just came across these outfits on the Urban Outfitters' look book and I absolutely fell in love with them!

I absolutely love the knee high socks and mini skirt look! And parkas are hot this season!

I love the red jumper and how it contrasts with the grey midi skirt.

I love the fur jacket and the grey coat. The brown belt really makes the outfit.

I love the gypsy feel to this outfit and the added rock edge with the Nirvana band t-shirt.

I love the sheer material of the mexi dress and the velvet wedges!

I love the cardigan and the contrast of the romper and the knee high socks.

I love the coat!

I love the dress and the splash of colour by the scarf.

I love the contrast between the wide jumper and the skin-tight skirt. Also the contrast of colours are amazing.

I love the shirt and maxi skirt combo.

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