Saturday, 24 September 2011

Get The Look: Urban Outfitters

I just came across these outfits on the Urban Outfitters' look book and I absolutely fell in love with them!

I absolutely love the knee high socks and mini skirt look! And parkas are hot this season!

I love the red jumper and how it contrasts with the grey midi skirt.

I love the fur jacket and the grey coat. The brown belt really makes the outfit.

I love the gypsy feel to this outfit and the added rock edge with the Nirvana band t-shirt.

I love the sheer material of the mexi dress and the velvet wedges!

I love the cardigan and the contrast of the romper and the knee high socks.

I love the coat!

I love the dress and the splash of colour by the scarf.

I love the contrast between the wide jumper and the skin-tight skirt. Also the contrast of colours are amazing.

I love the shirt and maxi skirt combo.

Limited Edition Dresses Have Arrived In Topshop♥

A brand new range of Limited Edition dresses have landed into Topshop! They are all of different lengths, patterns and colours but they all have something in common. They are all beautiful.
Limited Edition Scattered Bead Maxi Dress, £150
Limited Edition Spot Mesh Mirror Dress, £150
Limited Edition Embellished Bodice Dress, £185
Limited Edition Scallop Embellished Drop Waisted Dress, £165
Limited Edition Scallop Cutwork Tunic, £140
Limited Edition Gathered Panel Tulip Dress, £150

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello Again!♥

Hiya guys! Sorry I haven't posted in absolutely ages! I've been moving house so I haven't been able to use my laptop for ages and I've been relying on my phone and my dad's iPad to access Facebook and the essentials.

Today in Careers, we had to fill in this document on the computer about what I wanted to be when I'm older and it made me realise that I really want to put more effort into my blog, so hopefully from now on I will post better and more frequent posts for y'all.

- Olivia xx