Monday, 29 August 2011

Wedges from Office♥

I am officially in love with wedges, especially the ones from Office. The taller and brighter the better. Here are my selection of my favourites:
Office Wonderful World Wedge Red Suede, £65
Office Nova Lace Up Wedge Tan Suede, £82
Office Birthday Suit Leopard Print P, £100
Office Wind Up Wedge Purple Microfibre, £60
Jeffrey Campbell Back Bow Wedge Boot Black PU, £120
Office Walk Away Turquoise Suede, £60
Office Wig Out Wedge Blue Suede, WAS £88 NOW £50
I hope you like my selection. Oh and by the way, I'm moving to Belfast tomorrow and probably won't have constant internet connection for a few weeks so I might not be blogging for a few weeks.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Autumnal Shopping Spree

I'm so sorry guys for not posting for the last two weeks! I've been busy going to London and stuff I haven't really had any time to sit down on my laptop and write a good old blog post that you guys deserve.

At the moment, I'm planning all the clothes I'm going to buy with the money I have accumulated through birthdays and pocket money, because my wardrobe is in a real shambles! All I own are literally t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and the odd few dresses! So, I'm planning on re-vamping my wardrobe by buying a load of key pieces that will liven up my wardrobe and make it a bit more on trend.

Light Wash Super Skinny Jeans, £24.99 WAS £39.99, River Island
I love light wash skinny jeans but I don't own any so this is just what I want! And it's £15 off! Bargain!
Dark Red Chunky Cardigan, £38, River Island
I love chunky cardigans and the dark red is an awesome autumnal shade!
Dark red jeans, £20, Urban Outfitters
Camel coloured jeans, £45, Urban Outfitters
I really want some camel or dark red coloured jeans as well because they just look better than your normal blue jeans!
Light Brown Ankle Boots, £29.99 WAS £44.99, River Island
The ankle boot is back again and is great with jeans and skirts with tights to keep your feet warm in those cold winter nights.

I do have many more things I want to buy but I think it would just be easier if I looked in the shop and bought them instead of looking online because the online shops aren't set out the same as the shop on the high street.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Major Love For Forever 21♥

I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged for ages. I was in Belgium recently for a week and I've been in London for the last few days so I haven't really had access to a computer for a while.

While I was in Belgium, I saw a sign for a brand new Forever 21, and as I really wanted to go to the new store in Oxford Street, I rushed down to the store! When I walked in, I instantly fell in love with the store! I loved every piece of clothing in there! And it was all reasonably priced! For example denim cut-offs for £8.75! £8.75!! If only I weren't waiting until after my diet, otherwise I probably would have bought the whole store! When I was in Singapore 2 years ago, there was a Forever 21 there but I never got the chance to go in there, boy do I regret not going in there! And when I go to Florida, why haven't I made the effort to go to a Forever 21?! Well at least there's one in London now, but they should really open one in Belfast (my new hometown).