Sunday, 10 July 2011

Willow Smith Named American Fashion Icon?

We all know that Willow Smith's fashion is slightly different to most 10 year olds, but now she was been named an American fashion icon by top-notch designer Derek Lam! He also said "Naturally talented, charismatic, unblemished optimism, with the whole wide world open to her possibilities and abilities. I think she is the future-forward American icon." I personally am not a fan of her fashion, but I'm sure many other people are due to this prestigious title! Here are some examples of Willow's previous red carpet outfits:
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I personally don't like this outfit because I don't like how she's gone over-the-top with the shoulder thingy and her boots, but I do quite like how to grey and yellow contrast together. I also love her hairdo!
Image from
This picture shows just how tiny Willow is! She's wearing creepers before they were fashionable! But that's probably all I can complement out of this outfit.
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I actually really like Willow's outfit here! She's hit the leopard print trend right on the nail, and she's managed to make it more feisty by adding knee-high leather boots! But, I actually love Willow's mum's outfit! I love her dress and heels, and her hairdo is amazing!
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I'm not quite sure if I like this outfit or not. The boots are pretty out there and awesome, and teamed with the yellow t-shirt and leather shorts is quite nice, but I think the red leather jacket kinda ruined it for me.
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I don't like the whole matchy-matchy thing that is going on in this outfit. The added skirt onto the top definitely makes the outfit more interesting but I don't like it. But one thing I do love is those gold high tops!
Do you agree with my comments? I'd love to hear what you think.
- Olivia xx

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