Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fall 2011!

Hello you lovely people who have chosen to read my blog! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I just celebrated my 14th birthday and I was visiting Belfast for a few days. I got given  around £200 give or take once I've converted the dollars I got from my grandparents in Florida. I would love to spend that on clothes, but I'm saving up for a Lumix G2 camera so I can realise my dream of photography.

I hope you can tell that I'm trying to make my blog a little bit more personal and fun opposed to the reporter-like blogging I've been doing, and please try and give me any constructive criticism/advice on how to make my blog better because that would really mean a lot to me. 

Ok, back to the subject on hand! Fall collections for 2011! 

Layering textures and patterns: Designers mixed different patterns, colours and textures to create a very autumnal but bright and tribal feel to the designers' latest creations. 
Aquilano.Rimondi has played with different textures with the shiny gold material with the swishy frayed material at the bottom, and the jewels make a nice touch.

Bright colours: Bright colours and colour-blocking has been big for quite a while now and will continue to be popular throughout the fall season.

I love this maxi dress from DKNY! It is also a great example of colour-blocking!

Parkas: These are on trend at the moment and are incredibly useful in the cold English weather!
I love this outfit by Moschino Cheap and Chic! I love the dress and the fur hat really makes it exciting!

Multi-coloured furs (faux I hope!): Fur is big this season and it's being mixed with the trend of bright colours as well!
I love this white and red blended fur coat by Prabal Gurung! I love how it matches the dress underneath as well!

Sixties Influences: Most things on the catwalk and on the high street have influences from the year of free love and peace!
This Azzaro dress is beautiful! I love the arms on the dress and the pattern! The bow belt also makes the outfit along with the heels with the ankle strap!

Spotty love: Spotty patterns are totally on trend at the moment!
This Gucci dress is like the flowy blouses on the high street that I love! I love the big bow as well, it really makes the outfit stand out!

Suit and tie event: Tuxedos are the new dresses at prom for the girls! Fashion has taken more of a manly route and have seen fashion shows getting posher!
This girl would be the most fahsionable woman in the office! This outfit by Jason Wu just works and I love it!

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