Thursday, 9 June 2011

Much Love For Crackle Nail Polish♥

I am officially obsessed with crackle nail polish. I just find it amazing! For those who don't know about crackle nail polish, you paint the nail polish over a completely dry coat of nail polish, then you paint on the crackle nail polish and when it's drying, the polish separates creating a unique design and make your nails more interesting! I now have three bottles of the stuff! It's amazing! I have a black Models Own crackle nail polish and white and pink Barry M crackle nail polishes! The Models Own one does come out a more clear colour but the Barry M ones definitely crackle more so I would have to say the Barry M nail polishes are better.

Picture from Google Images
Models Own Smash Up in Black, £6
Picture from Google Images
Barry M Instant Nail Effects in White Frost, £3.99
Picture from Google Images
Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Pink Fizz, £3.99


  1. We Are The Crowd10 June 2011 at 07:32

    i love crackle nail polish, the white on blue looks great :)

    Mollie from

  2. i love crackle nail polish, it is amazing, recently i had some dark blue on with pink over the top of it, was soo nicee<3<3

  3. that was amy just saying olivia, <3

  4. ahaa, i thought so amy :)♥


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