Sunday, 1 May 2011

Shopping Spree Ideas...

Ok, sorry this is kind of pointless and boring but I felt the need to post. So... I'm going into town with my friend Megan tomorrow and I'm in need of some new clothes but I only have around £30. So being as awesome as I am and putting off spanish revision, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to buy using the good old internet.

Pictures from H&M

Let's start off with the simple... I need a new simple stretchy skirt like these ones because my Primark one is all stretched and horrible so this is a quick and easy solution! And they're a bargain for £2.99 each.

Picture from H&M
I'm quite liking this top for £14.99 as well!

Picture from Topshop
I love this! And it's relatively affordable at £34!

All pictures from Topshop

Ok, so I've gone a bit over the top with Topshop tops and I'll only be able to afford at best one of them at the moment but I just love them all, and they would all look lush with the black simple skirt I'm going to buy! I love how these tops are all quite light weight and summery, and I love the colours and patterns! The first two would definitely look nice tucked into the skirt as well!

Well you've probably heard enough of me now so I'm going to decide tomorrow which top I'll get! I'll post tomorrow and tell you what I bought, you never know, I might end up buying something completely different... Especially as I'll take forever finding it in the store...

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