Monday, 9 May 2011

Earrings Mania!

Ok, so my friend was wearing these lush earrings today and I decided I'd post to show you guys the awesome earrings around about the high street :)

Picture from New Look
Floral Cluster Studs, £3.99
These are the amazing earrings I was telling you about.. I seriously need to get them.. The only earrings I have at the moment are Primark ones and they leave the holes all black and disgusting... definitely need some more better quality ones, even though New Look won't be much better but oh well!

Picture from New Look
Butterfly Drop Earrings, £2.99
These earrings are beautiful and they would so go with a maxi dress on a hot summers day!

Picture from Accessorize
10X Eclectic Fruit Stud Set, £10
Aren't these just the cutest things!

Picture from Accessorize
Sahara Elephant Stud Earrings, £6
These earrings are cute, and would look perfect with an LBD for a glamourous look!

Picture from Topshop
Ditsy Bird Studs, £6.50
These are amazingly cute! I want them!

Ok, are you liking what you are seeing? I hope so! So, I probably should go back to doing my chemistry revision... Oh and I'm getting addicted to rock music...

I'll leave you with a list of my new favourite songs:
  • Bring Me To Life - Evanesence
  • Make Me Wanna Die - Taylor Momsen
  • Miss Nothing - Taylor Momsen
  • Just Tonight - Taylor Momsen

Ok, there's a lot of Taylor Momsen there but she's quite amazing... Comment if you've got any favourite songs you think I should listen to, I want to broaden my music horizons ;)

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