Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Young Fashionista who is Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner is starting to become a young fashionista with great hair at only 13. But being in your barely teens doesn't stop you from rocking some lush dresses as I'll show you now...

Here at the Kids Choice Awards, she's rocking a cute nude coloured dress with her favourite pair of heels and she adds a cute little touch of a henna tattoo on her hand. Her simple gold bracelet is all the jewellery she needed to accompany this dress and she's totally rocked this look!

Kylie and her sister Kendall both have an edgy look here. Kylie is definately my favourite out of the two, her dress and blazer work really well together and the military boots definately add the edgy vibe. Kylie and Kendall both look lush here at the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never movie premiere (and the movie was amazing by the way!). I actually prefer Kendall's dress due to the colour and design of it. Kylie's dress really fits her nicely and the frill detail coming from the waist adds a nice extra. Kylie is also rocking some smokey eyes that clash nicely with the white of her dress. Plus her hair is lush! And look, her favourite pair of heels are out again! Maybe she should start wearing another pair....

Kylie and Kendall both rock the classic LBD look in style at the Beastly movie premiere. I'm loving the corset-style detailing on Kylie's dress and I absolutely love her hair! Wow, she took our advice and wore some different shoes this time! The simple black heels complement the dress nicely. On the other hand, I'm not loving Kendall's dress as much but she is still encorporating the velvet and one-shoulder dress trends. With the added belt, it makes this dress quite nice and figure-hugging.

This silver dress drapes on her nicely and really suits her! The button detail at the top and the black belt-like feature at the waist really makes this dress and makes it oh so on trend! It would even look great everyday teamed with black tights or leggings for a totally on trend look! The heels go nicely with the belt as well!

Are you loving her look as much as I am? Comment below :) xx

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