Sunday, 10 April 2011

STYLE CRUSH: Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan is the latest fashion kid on the block and I'm absolutely loving her quirky, cool fashion.. Sounds a bit like me really :D Scroll down to see my favourite outfits of hers and see if you agree... Saoirse shows her glam frilly side at the BAFTA's early this year by wearing a lush frilly, mid-length dress with an added silver belt, silver heels and a couple of bangles to toughen up the sweet frilly look. I like! Saoirse now shows off her skinny side while wearing this skin tight strappy dress with some ankle length heels. She looks really quite elegant and smart. I'm not as much of a fan of this as her other outfits but overall it's quite nice. Saoirse now rocks a lush leather dress with tights and patent brogues for an effortless edgy look. The added bracelets also add to the vibe too! I absolutely love this outfit! The Marilyn Monroe t-shirt teamed with the straight navy skirt, grey cardigan and navy brogues really is an effortlessly cool look that you could wear anywhere! The only adjustment I would make is that I would have a skin-tight navy skirt instead of the one she's wearing, just to add more shape to the outfit. This dress looks edgy with a nice colourful boost and resembles a dress my friend tried on in River Island before... I would've prefered it if it was shorter but still it's quite nice and the nude heels contrast well. This white and flowing dress sits really nicely on Saoirse's body and is totally on trend at the moment! However, I don't like her shoes, but if they were different black heels in their place, I would love this outfit even more.

This brightly-coloured sequin dress reminds me of the dress in All Saints I love but just can't afford, but obviously, knowing All Saints, this dress is more colourful. Saoirse's black and white lace dress is lush and teamed with tights looks even better. It's also totally on trend!This black lace dress is really nice, and it's totally on trend again like before! The way Saoirse has teamed it with the grey suede boots and cardigan really makes the outfit as well!

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