Monday, 25 April 2011

Cable Knit Jumpers!

Now that the weather is cooling down a little bit, you'll need a jumper that will go with all of your spring/summer clothes but not make you too hot or look like you're about to trek around Antartica. And cable knit jumpers are the answer! I love them so here are a few examples for you!

(Picture from SugarScape)
This picture shows you just how you could wear your cable knit jumper! How helpful! And you can buy that jumper for £24.99 at New Look.

(Picture from Jack Wills)
If you like your high street brands, go down to your local Jack Wills store and get this jumper for £69.

(Picture from Republic)
Unleash your inner cricketer with this jumper from Republic for £29.99!

(Picture from Republic)
Grab yourself a bargain at the mid-season sale at Republic and get this cute jumper for only £10!

(Picture from New Look)
I love this jumper from New Look for £21.99!

(Picture from River Island)
My favourite and it would go with anything! Get this for £34.99 from River Island!

So... Do you like? Which one is your favourite? Comment below :) xx

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